BlackHole Engineering passionately believes in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations (UN) and are committed to doing our part by contributing to the realisation of a sustainable society.

  • Our Approach to a Sustainable Future

    • Responsibility and Ethical Behaviour
    • Development of People
    • Respect Human Dignity
    • Develop and Apply Clean Technologies
    • Advocates for Creating Opportunities for Local Participation
  • Responsibility and ethical behavior are cornerstones of our business. Everything we do revolves around our values – this is the compass that guides us to pursue high ethical standards.

    We believe in people and are committed to the development of people through structured mentorship, guidance, training among others. We firmly embrace diversity, gender equality and provide equal opportunities.

    We conduct our business activities with respect for human rights. We also believe and promote peace, justice and the rule of law. This approach defines our relationships with our employees, partners, clients and people in the communities affected by our business activities.

    Our beautiful planet must be protected, we believe this wholeheartedly. In planning our work activities, we dedicate ourselves to avoid those activities that harm the environment and contribute to our planet’s degradation. So, we only apply and develop environmentally-friendly technologies. Everything we do is consciously designed to be energy efficient and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

    We care about the socio-economic well-being of every community we work in. By engaging the communities as stakeholders – listen to them, and collaborate with them from planning to project handover, we can best serve their needs. We know that by delivering lasting value to our clients, the local infrastructure we leave in our trail goes a long way to create jobs for the locals and leave them with long-term economic prospects. As people are lifted out of poverty we can collectively put an end to hunger.

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