We are a people-centred organisation. Our highly-skilled staff form an overwhelming pool of some of the brightest engineers and adroit craftsmen, vastly experienced consultants. And they are the solid foundation upon which BlackHole Engineering is built.

Management absolutely believes in the value of the people that work at BlackHole Engineering and make demonstrable efforts to this end. Managers lead, encourage, inspire and provide equal opportunities to all levels of employees.

The shared/core values and vision of the organisation are ingrained in the staff. Thus, the intelligent, cost-effective and on budget solutions for projects we deliver is testament to the efficacy of our people-centered management philosophy.

There isn’t one engineer or craftsman at BlackHole Engineering who wants to produce work that is just “okay” and this is because collectively and individually, we all believe in the end-value of our projects.

  • Our Engineers

    • Possess great scientific and technical insight
    • Exhibit strong analytical aptitude
    • Display vast problem–solving capabilities
    • Are excellent communicators
  • Our Technicians & Craftsmen

    • Possess precision-driven attitudes
    • Relentlessly strive for perfection
    • Are motivated by mastery of their crafts
    • Immerse themselves and maintain a sharp focus in their work
  • Our People Talk About BlackHole Engineering

    These are some of the best and brightest professionals in their fields expressing their impressions of working with us.

    John Holland

    Chief Executive Officer

    James Tremonsa

    Project Manager
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