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Our operations and maintenance capabilities is specifically tailored for the hydrocarbons sector. This include oil processing/refineries, gas processing plants, regulating and metering stations, NGL/LPG bulk storage facilities, etc. The aim of our operations and maintenance (O&M) business model is to extend asset life and improve profitability through enhanced production, recovery and reduced operating costs.

We execute structured operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts with class room and on-the-job training for our client’s operators to ensure that your operations and maintenance staff are proficient with your process systems and acquire the capacity to operate and maintain process equipment.

We also prepare operating/plant maintenance manuals, operator training, and ongoing technical support.

  • Parts Supply & After Sales Support

    We supply equipment, quality parts and manufacture custom made parts to our clients to ensure uninterrupted operations and high equipment reliability and uptime.

    We are also on hand to provide our specialists during plant shutdowns and turnarounds.

    We represent some of the biggest OEMs in the oil and gas industry such as

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