BlackHole Engineering provides a full range of integrated Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Support and Project Management services to the oil and gas production and processing industries. We serve the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

Our solutions minimize risk and maximizes profits for our clients.

Upstream Production (Offshore & Onshore)

With our strategic partners, we provide our complete range of fully integrated upstream production solutions to help clients meet their business objectives.

upstream production
  • Our extensive portfolio of services for the upstream production sector include:

    • Conceptual design
    • FEED
    • Procurement
    • Fabrication
    • Construction
    • Commissioning & Start-up
    • Operations & Maintenance Support
    • Commissioning

    We understand the complexities and the many challenges of the upstream production sector. These complexities and challenges are the driving forces that push us to succeed.

    Our success in this sector is defined by three key values. These are reliability, flexibility and agility.

  • Offshore

    • Topsides
    • Floating Production Solutions (FPS)
    • Early Production Solutions (EPS) & Deepwater
  • Onshore

    We provide full asset lifecycle services for both greenfield and brownfield onshore facilities as well as the fabrication of:

    • Skid-mounted Pump Stations
    • Skid-mounted Gas Compression Packages
    • Production Equipment Packages
    • Terminals
    • Utilities and off-sites
    • Flare and Cold Vent Stacks
  • Oil Processing & Treating Plants

    • Pump Stations
    • Indirect Type Glycol-Water Bath Heaters
    • Gas Fired Catalytic Infra-Red Heater Packages

Natural Gas Processing & Treating Plants

The natural gas industry is projected to grow exponentially within the next few years. This will bring with it new challenges.

gas metering

At BlackHole Engineering, natural gas processing solutions is at the core of our technical know-how. We have the specialized knowledge and demonstrable experience in this sector. This is because our founding engineer honed his engineering skills around natural gas plant engineering and design, construction as well as operation and maintenance. Together with our world-class strategic partners and consultants, we are uniquely positioned to provide the right solutions and bring our experience to bear for all your natural gas processing challenges.

We provide engineering only or a complete, turnkey gas processing solutions, from FEED through to detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, and operations and maintenance.

  • Our extensive gas-related expertise includes:

    • Phase/Component Separation Units
    • Amine Sweetening/Acid Gas Removal
    • Gas Dehydration Packages
    • Indirect Type Glycol-Water Bath Heaters
    • Gas Fired Catalytic Infra-Red Heater Packages
    • LPG/NGL Recovery & Fractionation
    • LNG Liquefaction & LNG Regasification
    • Compressor Packages
    • Regulating & Metering Packages

Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals

  • Petroleum Refining

    We provide a range of services for the petroleum refining sector that include engineering studies ONLY to Turnkey EPC with Operation & Maintenance (O&M) support services of complete refineries.

    These include:

    • Studies (Conceptual Engineering, Utilities & Energy Conservation, De-bottlenecking of Process Units, Economic justification of Revamps and/or process unit additions, etc.)
    • Front End Engineering Designs (FEEDs)
    • Turnkey EPC Projects
    • Revamps
    • Operations & Maintenance Support Services

    With our strategic partners, we provide refining technologies that include

    • Crude and vacuum distillation
    • Gas recovery/LPG production
    • Catalytic reforming
    • Catalytic cracking
    • Hydrocracking
    • Hydrotreating
    • Hydrogen unit / steam reforming
    • Utilities and offsite
    • Petrochemicals

      Our services for the petrochemicals sector include studies and FEEDs ONLY to Turnkey EPC with Operation & Maintenance (O&M) support services of complete petrochemical plant.

      With our strategic partners, we provide petrochemical process technologies that include:

      • Aromatics
      • Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB)
      • Carbon black
      • Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)
      • Polytrimethylene Teraphtalate (PTT)
      • Synthesis gas conversion

Pipeline Systems

The natural gas industry is projected to grow exponentially within the next few years. This will bring with it new challenges. We offer a comprehensive range of pipeline and storage services, from feasibility studies and front-end engineering to full EPC contracts as well as operation and maintenance support services.

pipeline construction
  • Onshore Pipeline Systems

    We have the expertise to conduct feasibility studies through detailed design, route selection, ROW acquisition, secure environmental permits, construction, hydro-testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning for the transportation of commodities including:

    • Crude oil – light to heavy (sweet to sour)
    • Liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs) – Butane, propane and propylene
    • Natural gas – Sweet as well as sour natural gas, dense phase and high pressure
    • Refined petroleum products – Gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc.

    The pipeline systems include:

    • Pipelines
    • Pumping stations / compressor stations
    • Valve stations / scraper stations
    • Pressure reducing and metering stations
    • Tank farms
    • Tanker loading and unloading facilities

Tank Farms

BlackHole Engineering undertakes the complete design, fabrication and construction of tank farms and terminals, bulk storage vessels, storage tanks, ancillary piping and equipment.

  • Our expertise in tank farms design and construction covers:

    • Tank farms for crude oil, refined products, chemicals and biofuels
    • Marine loading and unloading terminals
    • All ancillary systems for tank farms such as automation systems, SCADA systems, additivities and blending systems, fire-fighting and vapour recovery systems.

    We have the expertise to provide several types of tanks including:

    • Domed Tanks
    • Floating-Roof Tanks

NGL/LPG Storage

BlackHole Engineering provides engineering design and turnkey EPC solutions for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) storage plants and terminals. We also offer bulk plant and terminal refurbishing and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) support services.

NGL LPG Storage
  • Our services include

    • ASME Section VIII Div.1 Pressure Vessel Design and Specification
    • Equipment, Valving and Piping Specification
    • Solid Works 3D Plant Design
    • Vessel Fabrication
    • Project Management
    • Logistics Coordination
    • Field Services- Installation & Construction
    • Startup and Commissioning
  • We also supply, install and maintain LPG pumps, compressors, valving, liquids transfer and metering systems, vapourizers, blending systems and much more.

    Let BlackHole Engineering support you with your next LPG/NGL storage project.

    Contact us with your enquiries and a project engineer shall be available to assist you in:

    • Defining the Project requirements
    • Technical Specification of all Equipment
    • Ensuring all applicable Code requirements are met and obtaining local permits

    We have a team of construction supervisors who are available to assist with installation, construction, start-up and commissioning.

  • Our storage solutions consist of:

    • Horizontal Cylindrical Vessels (Bullets)
    • Spherical Tanks
  • Horizontal Cylindrical Vessels (Bullets)

    horizontal cylindrical tanks are preferred up to certain volumetric capacities for the storage of LPG/NGLs.

  • Spherical Tanks

    Spheres are used mainly in the oil and gas industry for the storage of LPG and NGLs. They are strong structures as there is even distribution of any stress induced in the sphere. Spherical Tanks also have a smaller surface area per unit volume than any practical shape of vessels for storage. Additionally, for the same design pressure, the wall thickness of material required by a spherical tank is much less than that of a horizontal cylindrical tank with formed heads.

    This means that it is cheaper, in terms of materials used, to use a spherical tank and also less heat transfer per unit area as compared to a horizontal cylindrical vessel.

    However, it is much more complex to fabricate a spherical tank. Spherical tanks must also be field erected. This makes it relatively more expensive to manufacture than horizontal cylindrical tanks.

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