Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy Statement

BlackHole Engineering is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our people and our stakeholders and to protect the environment.

  • Our Principles

    We are proactive in our approach to ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental protection and community goodwill. We value life and so we believe that no work activity is worth the loss of life or injury and that there is always a safer way for doing any work.

  • Our Commitments

    • Develop and continually improve a robust HSE management system.
    • Ensure that all our workplaces are safe and healthy.
    • Ensure that the impact of our work on the environment is minimal and that we adhere to the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainability.
    • Demonstrate leadership through active participation by management in all HSE activities.
    • Train our people to build a robust safety culture.
    • Prioritise risk identification in all our activities and take all practical steps to manage them.
    • Be transparent in investigating accidents and conduct root cause identification to preclude re-occurrence.
    • Set measurable annual HSE targets and reward outstanding HSE performance to improve our safety standards.

    We are passionate about HSE performance as it is an essential component of our business strategy and reputation alike and so we will continue to dedicate ourselves to achieving excellence in this regard.

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